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How does Tehran confront with gasoline sanction?
Energy Group- Ghazeleh Tayefeh: Apparently, the production of gasoline with octane number 90 is not as difficult as discovery of "Factor VIII drug" formula for children with hemophilia, as the story has made many TV watchers to follow a TV Serial, the conclusion of which is linked with a national pride; because gasoline with octane 90 is now being produced in some refineries. Identification of a new formula for transforming Naphtha and light-end to gasoline with high octane rating is among those plans foreseen in the plan for self-sufficiency from importing gasoline in 48 hours. Last year a research company, which is now engaged in execution of the project, with the support and collaboration of one of the subsidiaries of NIOC, successfully produced a supplement for increasing gasoline octane rating from the methanol produced in petrochemical factories and unusable products of oil refineries. In an interview with Donya-e-Eghtesad newspaper, Davoud Vali, managing director of Petro Sanat Saba Co. explained the details of the plan; "at present two supplements of OM10 and OM60, that increase the gasoline octane rating, are produced in the company. OM10 is a new supplement added to base gasoline and it can increase the gasoline octane by 5-15 units." "Currently according to the standards of National Iranian Oil Products Refining and Distributing Co., regular gasoline with octane of 87 and super gasoline with octane of 95 are supplied; but according to the order of Environment Protection Org. the rating of regular octane must reach 90 by the next year. Actually, base gasoline is a light substance that contains octane ranging 79 to 82 and in case OM10 supplement is added to it, we can increase the octane by 5 to 15 units." He added. "in the process of refining and distillation of crude oil a substance called light-end is produced, the octane number of which ranges 33 to 35, and we can not use it for gasoline production, but if it is mixed with OM60 supplement, we can have gasoline with octane rating of 90 to 95," he further added. "using this method we can easily meet the need for gasoline import" he went on. When questioned about why this method has not been used to date, he declared; "the reason is that every refinery has defined a production plan for itself and those materials produced in distillation tower, produce other products like oil, bitumen etc. If the government's policy is to increase gasoline production, we have to change the production plan of the refineries and reduce the production of other products." "All refinery products including gasoline must comply with OIEC standards and if these standards are not complied with, Oil Products Refining and Distributing Co. shall not take the delivery of the products. This type of gasoline does not make difference with the gasoline produced in refinery, and only the type of its ingredients have changed," he explained in reply to a question about whether the production of gasoline in this method does not have environmental impacts. When questioned about how much investment is needed for production of this type of gasoline, he answered; "no specific investment is required. In addition, with this method gasoline will be produced at a lower cost." Vali then referred to the fact that construction of a new refinery will requires plenty of money and time. "In current situation, because of the sanctions, we had better increase efficiency and production rather than construct refineries," he said.