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Fars News Agency
In an interview with Fars, managing director of Petro Sanat Saba Company:

According to economic journalist of Fars News Agency, because of enjoying potentials and huge energy reservoirs Iran is now standing in a position that can make optimal use of all intrinsic talents to define and make significant measures to achieve self-sufficiency and independency, because the country's specialized forces have proved (specially in industrial areas) that if they receive support they are able to remove many challenges and problems facing Iran and its economy, with relying on local abilities and talents and using the experiences of other countries in different areas. According to the report, the decision-makers had previously paid attention to the plan for supplying the gasoline required in the country by using light naphtha and aromatic products “48-hour plans for providing gasoline or the emergency plan.” On the way, due to the contacts we found out that there is another plan with the same specifications of the urgent plan, the plan is confirmed by official authorities of the country including oil sector and the presidency's office. Although some international big companies approved the compliance of the plan with the world's and the country oil sector's standards, the plan by which we are able to increase the capacity for production of gasoline in the country up to 7 million liters, has been placed out of the country oil sector's agenda, and the national economy has suffered lots of costs because of imports. Earlier, there were some programs for increasing the rating of the octane in the gasoline produced inside the country, using imported super gasoline, light naphtha and aromatic products, that each imposed an additional cost on state oil industry, but later the authorities of Petro Sanat Saba Co. claimed that their product is more economical and has higher quality than other types of gasoline supplements, and they insisted on the approval of the company's products by the Refining Sector and foreign companies who are specialized in this regard. It is said that the gasoline produced by this company is made from "Alcohol" methanol and it is better than other types of gasoline used in state stations, regarding quality and pollution. Accordingly, it is necessary to divide the fundamental needs of the country's economy, with paying special attention to the talents and abilities of the local workforces, and motivate the authorities to make optimum use of skillful human resources with an emphasis on productivity from modern solutions for production of energy, according to the market demand and state-of-the-art technology, otherwise we have no way but to follow the importation and dependency policies, and the emphasis on these policies is followed by such consequences such as threat and sanctions for Iranian economy. So we have tried to contact the activists who operate in state oil industry and evaluated the current situation of Iran and other countries and examined the challenges and problems of those engaged in this industry. Below you can read an interview with one of the activists who operates in "gasoline", "Mr. Davoud Vali", managing director of Petro Saba Sanat Co.