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Ministry Of Energy

The need to strengthen and develop infrastructures in order to create sustainable development is crystal clear to everyone. Therefore, Petro Sanat Saba Co. is determined to satisfy the local and transboundary needs in this field in the best and most complete way by relying on scientific capability of the elite manpower, and nearly half a century of experience as well as a significant share in promoting infrastructures of development at national, regional and international levels within framework of energy, transmission and distribution, water, transportation, civil engineering, architecture and environmental services. Transmission and Distribution Transmission Lines Enjoying the services of experienced engineering staff, Moshanir carries out all network and system studies, routing, surveying, route plan and profile mapping indicating all existing features and facilities in band of line route as well as complete geotechnical studies and thorough electrical, mechanical and structural design of the line. High Voltage Substations Relying on specialized man power in the field of high ‎voltage substations, Moshanir provides complete services ‎including preliminary design, analytical studies on ‎substations and networks, studies on transient and steady ‎states, detail design of electrical and structural equipment ‎preparation of technical documents, thorough preparation of ‎tender documents, supervision on factory tests, construction ‎work and operation. Distribution Networks Petro Sanat Saba Co. plays a leading role in studies and supervision on power distribution network projects using related equipment, standards and application softwares. The services include network reconfiguration for loss reduction, electrical master plan and network planning and management, distribution network, lighting grid, distributed generation units, power quality, equipment inspection and quality control. Water Petro Sanat Saba Co. renders its services within content of dams and hydraulic structures, water resources, water desalination plants, water and wastewater treatment, water supply as well as stability and optimization of hydraulic structures. 400/230 kV Substation of Northern Zahedan Mehr 400/230 kV Substation Qeshm Oversea-Crossing 230 kV Double-Circuit Transmission Line Tehran 230 kV Cable Project Bakhtiari Dam and Power Plant