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Refinery Equipment

Petro Sanat Saba Company with the benefit of expert personnel and using the potential of big companies and foreign designers and contractors, the ability to design and construct of units that associated with the oil industry such as refineries, small and average production – and hydrocarbon processing plants, oil, gas, petrochemical and fuel storage tanks. The main activities of the company in the context of the design and construction: -Projects engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) -Management (MC) -Take contracts to build, operate and transfer (BOT) With the participation of international companies -The possibility of signing contracts for the construction, acquisition and operation ( BOO ) With the participation of international companies -Design and implementation planning and project control systems (PPC) -Capital and cash flow performance management system (CFM ) -The possibility of signing contracts for engineering, procurement, construction and financing ( EPCF ) the presence of large companies who deal with international technology PSS Project objectives: Refining 60,000 barrels per day of South Pars gas condensates Products produced according to quality standards in Europe Creation of the more added value in South Pars gas condensate refineries To prevent the export of raw materials into more valuable products More employment opportunities in the country Economic justification Create higher added value than raw oil refineries production of Gas oil and naphtha more than 75% of the gas condensate refinery feed reduction of cost by using of Bandar abbas area infrastructure reduction of cost by using of Bandar abbas area infrastructure Facilitate the export of products to abroad Other activities carried out in the company of refinery equipment can be used to buy equipment Boiler, Heat Exchanger, air cooler, fire heater, Tank, distillation column, absorption column mentioned.

The company also oparates in the following areas:

1-Production of octane boosters and fuel supplements
2-Production of alcoholic gasoline
3-Production of cleaning products
4-Decolor products