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:: Refinery Equipment

Petro Sanat Saba Company with the benefit of expert personnel and using the potential of big companies and foreign designers and contractors, the ability to design and construct of units that associated with the oil industry such as refineries, small and average production – and hydrocarbon processing plants, oil, gas, petrochemical and fuel storage tanks.

:: Mining Industry

Petro Sanat Saba along its mining operations and due to the wide variety of minerals that each requires familiarity with the process used to process them,Action draws on expertise in the field of mineral processing technology and technical knowledge of design and supervise the construction and logging industries have. The activities of this company implemented for consultation, supervision and supervision of the projects in the form of projects (EPC (design, procurement and construction) and (EC (design and construction of coal-ore concentrate production plants, rocks iron and copper cathode production of pigment titanium ore and smelting projects, and hood of acid copper smelter, in the province of Kerman, Yazd, Mazandaran and…..

:: Ministry Of Energy

The need to strengthen and develop infrastructures in order to create sustainable development is crystal clear to everyone. Therefore, Petro Sanat Saba Co. is determined to satisfy the local and transboundary needs in this field in the best and most complete way by relying on scientific capability of the elite manpower, and nearly half a century of experience as well as a significant share in promoting infrastructures of development at national, regional and international levels within framework of energy, transmission and distribution, water, transportation, civil engineering, architecture and environmental services.

:: Statute

Accomplishment of Investment in the field of construction and refinery management and different industries oil - Gas – Petrochemicals- Accomplishment of all contracting activities and Consulting Engineering in different fields of industry, energy –oil - gas – petrochemical Accomplishment of all authorized commercial activities such as export and import in the fields of energy and petroleum products including bitumen and oil and petrochemical Accomplishment of all the research and Innovation activities in the fields of innovative technologies and advanced ,and in the fields of energy and new energy and advanced manufacturing industries Accomplishment of contribution with various local and foreign companies

Petro Sanat Saba Co. is a private joint stock company. The company mainly operates in production and export of various oil products. Along with production, the company also runs research activities in order to launch to the international market its new and high quality products at competitive prices.

Petro Sanat Saba operates as the first entirely private company in production of new and modern oil products and presentation of modern methods in optimum production of oil products. In order to keep on this track, the company has obviously encountered (and will encounter) numerous problems. So the company is taking its steps on this road with a strong will, and always supports the researchers and those who provide new ideas and it has always supported (and will support) the new plans within its abilities.


Head Office:Unit 5,3rd Floor,No.27,Zohreh Alley,Ordibehesht St.,Mahmoudieh, Parkway junction.Valieasr Ave.,Tehran

Tel: +98 (21) 22665064 -22665076

Fax: +98 (21) 22665076

Email: Info@petrosanatsaba.com

Refinery:West across Bahman Docks,past Persian Gulf Petrochemicals,Pars Special Economic Energy Zone (Asaluyeh)